Brass/Bronze Castings

From blueprint through finished product, we have the capability to handle the complete job. Design and pattern making assistance is available, or castings can be made from your loose patterns or matchplates. Standard bushing patterns in 13" lengths are also available.

At Martin Foundry, our short turn-around time and competitive pricing gives you the advantage of on-time and on-budget foundry services to meet your production schedule. Whether your project calls for one unique prototype piece or a large scale production run, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs. We pour standard and special order alloys to match your specifications.

Brass and Bronze

Castings from 1oz. up to 200 lbs.

  • 878 Eco Brass (CDA 87850)
  • 421 and 424 Manganese Bronze (CDA 865 and CDA 863)
  • 415-9C and 415-9D Aluminum Bronze (CDA 954 and CDA 955)
  • Navy M and Navy G Bronze (CDA 903 and CDA 922)
  • Pure Copper